WyrdTree is a creative visualisation studio established in London in 2018 by a team of architects, 3D designers and animators, dedicated to creating visualisations for the unbuilt environment.

Our images have been greatly appreciated for their distinct atmosphere and iconic character.


Working alongside some of the most established UK-based architectural studios (several AJ100 practices) and others across Europe, our team produces highly atmospheric CGI exteriors, interiors, architectural visualisations and photomontages.

For the development of the images we work closely with architects, landscape designers and creative agencies. Having been trained and practiced in architecture, we can communicate effectively with the project's architectural team, understand their vision and aim to adequately represent it in creative and unique ways.

Since its founding, WyrdTree has continued to provide strong imagery, helping their clients win architectural competitions, secure planning permission for their designs and market their projects, varying in scale from individual houses to urban developments or garden cities. Our CGI visuals have so far allowed over 40 architecture, landscape, urban design studios visualise their zero-carbon residential developments, heritage-led restoration projects, award-winning landscape entries in RIBA competitions and iconic mixed-use developments in cities like London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Prague, Oslo, Bergen.

In working with clients, our aim is to establish bespoke long-term collaborations, bridging the gap between standard remote visualisation and in-house work. We are aware that designs are prone to changes or delays, which is why we offer flexibility in terms of bookings, deadlines and reviewing methods.




Lead visualiser, concept artist, matte painter, architectural theorist, ancient philosopher and metalhead. Loves coffee, Skyrim and lord Cthulhu.


Technical lead, 3d generalist, script programming guru and organisational genius. Loves gardening, dark chocolate and hiking in Norway


Senior artist, 3d generalist, Photoshop wizard, painter and chef. Loves reading, cycling and wine.


Account executive, customer specialist, communications mastermind and health fanatic. Loves philosophy, niche movies, and binging podcasts at 2.5x speed.